Sunday, May 1, 2011

Onward: Through the Spring

Easter has come and gone but it is now officially spring. The grass is extra green from so many April showers and the outside temperature is just right as it is not too cold or too warm. Even as nature is renewed it is also time to renew ourselves. Even though gas prices have continued to rise the past few weeks there are so many simple ways (and inexpensive ways)to enjoy the season of Spring. Listed below are a few things to do to help get started enjoying the season.

1.  Freshen up the house by opening up the windows.  Enjoy the warm (or cool) breezes as your house gets aired out.

2.  Continue to freshen the atmosphere in your house by pouring bleach down all the drains in your house.  This will make the house smell fresh and clean.

3.  Don't forget to feed the birds your leftover bread, chips, or cereals.  That way food is not wasted and there is also the enjoyment of watching the birds eat the food you scattered and put out for them.

4.  When it rains take the opportunity for a long restful nap.  Listen to the pitter-patter of  the rain and the thunder while snuggled up in your bed all comfy.

5.  Plant flower seeds indoors in trays or pots.  Transfer the seedlings or flowers outdoors later in the season.

6.  Get out your spring and summer wardrobe from last year.  Brighten your clothes by washing them in a good detergent that contains bleach.  At the same time get rid of clothes that are not fit to wear anymore.  Think of new ways to combine and wear your wardrobe in different ways from last year.

7.  Freshen up with a good spring hair cut.  I have heard it said that a good hair cut can take ten years off of a person's appearance.  Find out if this is true!

8.  Remember activities you used to participate in or enjoy in the spring when you were younger.  Incorporate those remembered activities into your life in new ways in the present.

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