Friday, April 13, 2012


HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY TO MYSELF!  It has been a little over a year since I started this blog.  Being a newcomer to blogging, I admit I have started out very slowly.  Only recently did I even learn how to post pictures on here.  I also have to confess that I just learned how to take pictures with my camera phone last month!  I spent some time during the holidays to do a lot of research online about blogging and to learn more about the designs and gadgets available for the site.  Anything I don't know how to do online, I ask a young person who is in high school or college to help me.  I actually wouldn't know how to maneuver on this site at all if I hadn't returned to college myself a couple years ago.
So that makes me happy that I am still growing, still learning and still evolving in my life.

Last month I posted a poem I had written in 1988 entitled "SOMEWHERE ALONE".  I had forgotten about it and was surprised when I came across it in a photo album where I had saved it. It can be viewed in the previous post.  What surprised me was how even back then I was thinking about moving onward.
Looking back I realize that I wasn't really all that alone!  I had my immediate family, I had friends, and I had people I dated around me at that time.  However, I think that it is true that it is possible to feel alone at times even when you are surrounded by people.  There were enough people coming and going in my life  that it made me feel I should do something different in my life.  When I wrote this poem I decided to go to college. I have to admit that my attempt at college life in 1988 was not successful!
But, I was moving onward!

Happy Spring to you all!  2012 looks to be a very interesting year....

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