Saturday, July 6, 2013

ONWARD: The Simple Woman's Daybook for July

July 6th, 2013

Outside my window are the tall apartment buildings and eateries of downtown Louisville. It is early morning on a holiday weekend and it is so quiet I can hear the birds chirping contentedly.  It's an overnight trip for me bringing a family member back.

I am thinking of the details of the day: visiting with people, taking pictures, minor shopping, getting a family member's "old" phone set up for me at the phone store, and maybe a nap before driving back to my town.

I am thankful that I live in a time where there are more options then ever for my age and gender.  I am free to think and feel what I want and my thoughts don't have to fit "inside a box".

In the kitchen...I am not at home, so it's not my kitchen. As most people can tell by now, I am not much of a cook. I do like to think I taught the big child  important things like how to cook food on tinfoil in the oven so as not to have any mess to clean up.(smile)

I am wearing...a sage green polo shirt and jeans.

I am creating...a second blog. I plan to feature more original content on it.

I am wondering... about various political things and the economy.  One thing on my mind is the so called "Obama care" health insurance mandate for employers. Is this really going to make employers decrease people's hours at work in order to not have to legally provide health insurance for employees?

I am reading...blogs and current events online. I like Yahoo news.

I am hoping spend more time  with family members.

I am looking forward to opportunities for the "second half" of my life.

I am learning about the social aspects of blogs.

Around the house...I recently had company, so all is clean and neat except for one room.

I am pondering...the question should be, what am I NOT pondering! I am pondering finances, jobs, locations, people, family members, family cycles, science, health, science/technology, and God.

A favorite quote for the a line from a Chaka Khan song.

"Strange as it seems...we make our own dreams come true..."

One of my favorite things are blogs that make me smile...Recently  two great blogs I came across were and

A few plans for the rest of the week...working on a new resume, work, and lots of errands I should have done last week.

A peak into my day...
  The flowers we bought at the Dollar Tree store that decorates our window sill.

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