Saturday, November 2, 2013

ONWARD: What Time is it?

Sunday Stealing

So this week's meme from Sunday Stealing is all about the time and time change.  I had to laugh because lately the time has been a big issue around our parts.  Technology has come so far, yet in our town I'm not sure if there are any two clocks set on the same exact time!

One night I got off work and I looked at the time in my car and I decided that I would not be able to make it to pick up a prescription as the drugstore closed in five minutes. Then I happened to pass a clock on a sign in town that said it was only ten minutes till the hour. Since it was now ten minutes to the hour that meant I would have time to make it to the drugstore drive thru before it closed.  But wait!  What if I got to the drugstore and their time was faster and they were already closed?  I made it to the drugstore before they closed and so I was successful to not having to put off an errand to another day.

When we get to work every day I ask people what time it is and everyone has a different time. No body's computers or phones are set on the same exact times.  I often set the timer on my phone but sometimes it gets turned off accidentally while I do other tasks.  Of course we could wear a watch and know exactly how many minutes passed if it's digital. But we still might not have our watch set to the time the sign in times to work are.

Lunch break can often go a little like this. The computer might say it's exactly on the hour. The clock by the break room that is battery operated appears to be five after the hour. Then the clock in the car will say five till the hour.  Turning on the phone it will be ten minutes after the hour. While standing in line at the store the wall clock there will say it's usually faster then the time I think it is. I set the timer on the phone but it does often get stopped accidentally. So, that's sort of the picture.  Sometimes I get back early because I have lost track of the time and don't want to be late, while other times I get back five minutes late. Fortunately the company is very understanding of lunch hours.

And now tonight is the night to change back to daylight savings time. Which means a lot of clocks will really be out of kilter for at least the next week. In fact the time on some computers was changed earlier then today.

Gone are the days we could just look at an old fashioned clock and say, "It's about a quarter after", and not have to worry about what the exact minute was.  How did people ever make it in sundial times?

This weeks meme is taken from the blog N0-boba-Please via Sunday Stealing

1.  Do you think Daylight Saving Time is still necessary?  Yes, the children shouldn't have to go to school in the dark.

2.  How long does it take you to adjust to the time change?  A few days.

3.  What is the hardest part of the time changes?  Not knowing if a time has been changed on various clocks.

4.  How many clocks are in your house? Four

5.  Are you generally early, late, or on time.  I refuse to answer that on the grounds it might incriminate me!

6.  Do you wear a watch?  Nope

7.  If an invitation for an event is listed as 8-11 pm, what time would you arrive?  Most likely I would choose to go a little late and leave a little early if it is an informal event.

8.  Are most of your clocks digital or dial?  Digital

9.  What does you alarm clock sound like?  Different ring tones and songs.

10.  Do you use the snooze feature on the alarm clock?  No I set multiple alarms on the phone and/or the timer on the phone.

11.  Does clock ticking drive you nuts?  No, but I hate it when clocks chime every half hour or hour in a quiet house while trying to sleep.

*Let me take this opportunity to apologize to the big child for all the times I forgot about the time difference between our two towns!

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  1. I agree--I hate the time change and I shouldn't have to go to school in the dark. And it's almost dark when I get out of school. Bah!

    1. When my child was small I remember them telling me how dark the winters were...

  2. Oh my goodness! Dealing with two time zones all the time would drive me nuts!

  3. Two time zones? That would be terrible, but I guess there are folks who live where the time changes are. I'd never thought about it before. I have always been very cognizant of time. We have so little of it.

    1. Yeah, I have to remember now not to text them or call them too late. Or I am driving up there and I am going to be later then I thought because of the 1 hour time difference,

  4. My days are ruled by the clock. My job requires keeping to a tight schedule and it can get a little hairy when my watch says one time, the clock in the car another, and the one on the phone is different yet!

    Your answer to #1 had me laughing. I'm a school bus driver and no matter what it is dark when I am picking up my high school kids at 6:15. It's only daylight for a very brief time at the beginning of the school year and then again at the end. The time change will make it a little less dark, but it will still be dark.

  5. The only time I trust if I need an exact time is my cell phone. I figure AT&T can't be wrong.

  6. I don't know, maybe that's what happens. I set the time ahead and maybe on the phone it readjusts itself.