Sunday, November 16, 2014

ONWARD; Taking Stock


Sunday Stealing is a blog that steals memes from other blogs in the interest of making you attempt to do something dang it! This weeks meme is stolen from THE BLAKE COLLECTION.

Making: Plans for blog posts, face book posts, moving, and getting more organized.

Cooking:  Earlier I had scrambled eggs with bologna and cheese with toast.

Drinking: Diet Dr.Pepper
Reading:  Blessing by Jude Deveraux during downtime at work.  It gets a rating of "OK".

Wanting: To get many many errands I keep putting off done.
Looking:  Forward toward the holidays.
Wasting: Not Much! Things we  are no longer using are given to people who may can use them or appreciate them.  I don't want to be a horder!
Wishing:  That I could order lots of shoes from Zappos.
Enjoying: Staying In,
Waiting:  On nothing in particular
Liking:  Hulu and PBS
Wondering:  Where new technology will take us next
Loving:  Meeting new people every day
Listening:  to my intuition
Needing:  Some long phone conversations with some old friends.
Wearing:  Clothes I bought recently, clothes my mom gave me for gifts as far back as ten years ago, used clothes a co worker gave me, shoes and jewelry the big child cast off, and some clothes that are a little too big for me now as well.
Following:  Coronation Street
Noticing:  Introverts; how many of us there are around.
Knowing:  Time is marching on
Thinking:  Still thinking of my grandmother who passed this year...the smallest things can remind me of her unexpectedly.
Feeling:  Busy
bookmarking:  I don't ever do that.
Opening:  ?
Giggling:  I really am a nerd!