Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Doing my research on blogging the past few years I came across so many abandoned blogs!  A blogger can go along giving the appearance of doing relatively well in their blogging endeavors only to suddenly never make a blog post again.  I wonder sometimes if that will happen to me.  That I may post one day on Onward and then never get around to making another post.

The reasons it appears to me people quit posting on their blog are many and varied. I am listing the gist of what I have noticed below:
-- It takes more time then people anticipated to blog.  Even the simplest of posts can take hours.
--To be a blogger may be to "wear your heart on your sleeve."  Some may feel they have inadvertently revealed too much personal information.
--Sometimes the subject the person was blogging about has ended.  If it was a blog about their experience during pregnancy or childbirth, adoption etc. and the goal has been achieved.
--There is so much information and social media to read now that even ones acquaintances or relatives may not read the blogs.
--It can be easier to micro blog on other forms of social media such as Facebook and twitter. 
--Negativity and drama draws in more readers then being positive or neutral but many blog folks don't want to go there.

For myself, I didn't blog much last year.  The area where I live, I don't personally know any bloggers. Many people are not even sure what a blog is or have never even heard of it.  My other excuses are that I was busy, my grandmother was in hospice for several months and passed away, and so on. But, I have made a decision to keep on blogging, to press forward, to continue. And "I'll be blogging you long time."


  1. I blog almost every day. It is hard sometimes. Photos help. Some days when there is nothing much to say, I post photos. They can be of anything - buildings, frogs, flowers. People like pictures, and they visit your blog more if they see something new nearly every time they come. It takes time to build up an "audience." But honestly, I blog for myself, as a creative outlet. The readers are like cake, an extra goodie with the process. I am pleased that people find my work worthwhile, and enjoy getting to me, and I enjoy getting to know them. Good luck with keeping it up.

  2. Yes, we all need a little creativity in our life. Thanks for the encouragement ;)