Saturday, October 15, 2016

LIFE CREATIVE: Inspiration for Today's Renaissance Mom by Wendy Speake & Kelli Stuart

I was so excited to get the inspirational book LIFE CREATIVE:  Inspiration for Today's Renaissance Mom by Wendy Speake & Kelli Stuart!
The technology of today has brought a new wave of learning and creativity to the world. How can that creativity be fitted into the daily life of a mom and/or wife with lots of other things to juggle?  Not to mention that wives and mothers are creative often out of necessity.  Homemaking and hospitality are arts all on their own.  It is good to have some reinforcement from LIFE CREATIVE that taking care of children and homes is so very important. What is important as well may be for a woman to use her creativity as an outlet to take care of herself emotionally and physically. 

Included in LIFE CREATIVE are stories from different women who are successfully combining their creativity and side hustles into their every day lives as mothers.  LIFE CREATIVE  features traditional Christian values and invites you to become a better self. I plan to pass this book on to other people to read. 

Wendy Speake and Kelli Stuart are authors who together started a creative retreat for women which led to this book being written.  The book is published by Kregal Publications in 2016.

This book was provided to me free of charge for review by Litfuse Publicity Group. Find out more about the book at

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tracie Peterson's A LOVE TRANSFORMED

The new novel by Tracie Peterson A LOVE TRANSFORMED takes us back to a time in history when women did not always have the chance to make their own choices.  Clara is a young wife, and mother, living the upscale life in New York.  Tragedy strikes and she finds herself yearning for a certain place in Montana with people she loves.  Fate, in the form of a domineering mother, had conspired to force her away from Montana well over a decade ago.  Clara initially feels her way is clear to return to Montana but mystery and danger soon start to interfere with her bid for a new life with the people she loves.  A LOVE TRANSFORMED also addresses traditional family values, prayer, regret, gossip, and forgiveness.

Ms. Peterson has written over one hundred novels which may be the reason this story rolls out smooth as silk.  I hadn't read a Christian historical romance in awhile so it was refreshing to see characters express their faith, as well as their down to earth common sense.  A LOVE TRANSFORMED is published by BethanyHouse and the author has a email list to sign up for at

This book was provided to me free of charge by BethanyHouse for review.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

UNION WITH CHRIST by Rankin Wilbourne

UNION WITH CHRIST by Rankin Wilbourne is a new book published in 2016 that seeks to help believers utilize all the resources available to the believer in order to strengthen relationships with God (and Christ). Having a union with Christ is not a new concept but it is a concept the author feels Christians don't often practice anymore or that Christians do not even understand it.  If someone feels stuck in their Christian walk or life then this book may give them the knowledge needed to get unstuck and proceed until they know how to abide in Christ. Every page is packed with scripture to back up what the author is saying. 

I feel this book is for believers and not seekers because already having some knowledge of basic scripture is needed to be able to understand what the author means.  The book is published by David C Cook.  More information on the book can be found at

*this book was provided to me free of charge for review by litfuse publicity group.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD: Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer

Daniel Brouwer's newest novel SAFFIRE
is a colorful, historical story of the Panama Canal 
during it's construction era in the early 1900's.
Technology was starting to rock right around then and the feats of new inventions were awe inspiring to all.  There were so many issues surrounding the construction of the Panama Canal and the story speaks to disease, race relations, customs of the time, as well as international intrigue.  The title character of Saffire is a little girl who is multi-racial.
The main character, James Holt, is a soldier turned rancher who knows the President of the United States from his military days. The President then sends him on a mission to Panama on behalf of America's concerns as well as the little girl Saffire.  There is danger for all involved as well as mystery for where the real danger is coming from.  Is the danger coming from people from Panama or the local government? Or is the danger from another country that wants to take over Panama in order to have control of the Canal for their country's benefit?
The story is full of colorful characters that could be played in a movie in a serious vein like Masterpiece Theater usually does or the characters could be flipped to a more comical version.  I would compare the style of writing Brouwer uses in this novel to Charles Dickens.  This book would also make a good movie because of the scenic background of Panama and the massive scope of work that had to be taken to build the canal.  It is a good steady read with nothing too objectionable in it.
1.  There are often things going on behind the scenes in the world that we don't know about.
2.  Do what good you can in the world but be sure and get back to take care of your own home and hearth.
3.  The success is in the details.
One thing the novel SAFFIRE made me wonder about was how different American lives might be today if America hadn't built the Panama Canal in order to have more control of ocean travel speeds for economical concerns and military reasons.  We will never know!
The novel SAFFIRE is published by Waterbrook which is a division of Crown Publishing Group.  Sigmund Brouwer is also the author of nineteen other novels which includes THIEF OF GLORY THAT won the Christy Award. 
*This book was given to me free for review from Blogging for Books. Book Cover provided by Blogging for Books and the publisher.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rest Awhile!

Rest Awhile!
*picture credit Color Odyssey (adult coloring) by KAPPA Adult Coloring
Picture coloring and photo credit to ONWARD

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Shannon's Moment Meme, part two

We are back with Sunday Stealing and this week's meme is entitled Shannon's Moment Meme as Shannon from MOMENTS OF INTROSPECTION provided it but didn't mention where she "found" it. 

To participate in Sunday Stealing yourself or to see more blogs that do participate go to

Have you ever gone to the "dark side"?  No I haven't watched GAME OF THRONES per se. If that is what is meant.

What shirt are you wearing right now? My pink striped one, Walmart Brand :)

What is something about you that would surprise us?  In middle school I used to ride a skate board everywhere like most people ride bikes instead. 

Have you been a pirate, Renaissance Fair, or
other costumed event?  No, but I would love to! A Renaissance Fair!

What songs do you sing in the shower?  Old songs
Favorite girl's name:  Genevieve
Favorite boy's name:  Xander, protector of the people.
What is in your pocket or purse right now? mmmhmm
Last thing that made you laugh? Grandbaby
Best toy as a child?  I had a doll that walked. I think her name was Chrissy.

Worst injury you ever had:  C-section!
Where would you love to live? Maybe some sabbaticals various type places, but that is all.
What type tv do you have.  It's not mine but the one here is a smart TV. Love it!
How many dogs do you have?  I have allergies instead...
Do most folks trust you?  I reckon so.
What book are you reading?
What is you favorite classic Tv show?  When I was small I remember watching all the different shows Lucille Ball had.
What is you favorite sports team?  I don't have one at the moment
What is important about a bed to you?  If it's sturdy.
Favorite month and why?  September!  It is when school used to start, and we would have new clothes, and there is usually a day you wake up and you can feel the summer heat has broken for the year. Sort of an unofficial New Year, lots of new starts.
That is it for this Sunday Stealing. If you need to make a new start.. well it is almost September ;) Tell us what you are doing.
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*shirt picture credit to Onward
*Book cover image credit to Blogging for Books who gave me the book to review.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

JUNE by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

The new novel JUNE, written by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, is a book that everyone can find something to relate to in it. The story is told in two very different periods of time in America, 1955 and 2015JUNE touches on American pop culture as well as evolving issues important to Americans such as race, sexuality,love and money.  The story also features a hint of the mystical, in the form of dreams, as well as some suspense and danger.  Indeed, Beverly-Whittemore has a writing style that can be compared to the great American writer Ray Bradbury.

Cassie Danvers is only twenty-five years old but she has reached a stopping point after her grandmother dies. She goes to stay in her family mansion that is literally crumbling around her ears.  Unsure of what to do next she is pulled out of her malingering by a movie star who wants to know if Cassie is related to her via the movie star's own famous father, movie icon Jack Montgomery. Cassie is then forced to confront her own families' history and if her grandmother, June, had secrets she had never told anyone. 

Lots of money and hidden secrets are involved as the story is told while shifting between the two periods of time. Cassie is looking for her future while examining her grandmother June's past.  Life suddenly gets very interesting as questions about her grandmother's relationship with the movie star Jack Montgomery come up as well as questions about all of her grandmother's past relationships with family and friends.  What and with whom will Cassie's future involve now?

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore has an interesting website about her works at .  She is also the author of the New York Times bestseller BITTERSWEET. Her new novel JUNE was available for sale this year May 31st, 2016. It was published by Crown Publishing Group.

*I received this book for review from Blogging for Books who also provided the book jacket image.