Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Year!

    At the beginning of the new year I viewed some young peoples new year's resolutions online.  New year's resolutions are very personal and can often sound corny to other people. One young lady, for example, said  her new year's resolution was to use less heat on her hair on a regular basis to avoid damage of it.  What do I think of this new year's resolution?  I think the United States of America is a wonderful country where the young people can be allowed to think of something as simple as improving the quality of their hair instead of having to think of  constant stress and turmoil that some young people have to face in other countries. Indeed, let the children and the young people of this nation be happy while they can!
     It is in human nature for humans to want to strive to improve themselves and improve upon their lives.  That is why new year's resolutions are made even as trivial as some resolutions may seem.  It is comman knowledge that even little changes in your life can make a big difference.  If there are things that are not working out well in your life then make some tweaks and change whatever it is that is not working for you.  If you cannot make major changes in your life then start with just a minor change and try to dispose of whatever is not working in your life.  If you do something as simple as changeing your mind you are changeing your life! Another way this idea has been phrased is along the lines of if you want something different then you will have to do something you never did before.
      Of couse life often doesn't go as we plan it.  Interuptions we did not expect might come in the form of many ailments as simple as a sprained ankle, a heat wave, or an allergy.  As my ex-husband used to say, "We can't always go straight but we can go forward."  So indeed in this new year let us all strive to move forward.  Let us all  keep going onward.

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