Monday, March 14, 2011

Move Onward: Saving Money Part II

More ways to move onward through the economic crisis by saving money:

1.  Pay utility bills by the 1st due date every month to avoid a six to nine dollar late fee every month.

2.  Take advantage of programs at the local health department such as Family Planning and Wic.  Family Planning will provide services based on your income concerning birth control.  Several health departments provide condoms free of charge simply by asking for them and no doctor's appointment is needed to receive condoms for free.  Wic is a nutrition program for women and preschool age children.  Pregnant women and small children receive vouchers for food items such as milk, baby formula, cheese, juice, and cereal.  Call the local health department to find out more information or to make appointments.

3.  Take college classes online instead of on a college campus in order to save money on gas.  This may also save you considerable driving time that can be used for studying instead.

4.  Cut up old clothes to use as rags for cleaning, instead of constantly buying paper towels.  If necessary rags can be cleaned in the washer in order to use again.

5.  Shop at stores like the Dollar Tree that only charge $1 for each item for sale in the store.  Merchandise in these type of stores vary but there are many name brand products to be found there.  Look for shampoo, soap, toothpaste, Reynold's wrap, party supplies, school supplies, make-up, baby items, wrapping paper; the list can go on and on!

6.  Don't waste paper towels on cleaning mirrors and glass when newspaper cleans glass and mirrors better.  Newspapers will get glass and mirrors squeaky clean!  Using old newspaper to clean glass will also give a 2nd use to newspapers which will help the household "go green".

7.  Take full advantage of  federal programs such as Pell Grants, work study positions, and grants from individual states to continue higher education.

8.  Turn the lights off when leaving the room to save money as well as energy.  This is nothing new but everyone can use a reminder on subjects like this.  Turn the thermostat down when leaving the house for long periods of time.  Unplug appliances at night that are not being used. Switch to using energy saving fluorescent light bulbs.  Look for inserts in your utility bills for more money saving and energy saving ideas like these.

9.  Don't spend money on expensive permanent tattoos. Instead use fake tattoos for the same look as well as more versatility in style as can change fake tattoos frequently instead of being stuck with the same tattoo for life.

10.  Wash plastic containers food comes in to re-warm food in the microwave, store food in the refrigerator, use as impromptu plates or bowls, and to pack your lunch for work in.  Reusing plastic containers saves money on tin foil, plastic wrap, or having to buy plastic containers.

11.  Grow a small garden in your yard to have close access to your favorite vegetables and flowers as well as saving money on these items.  It is even possible to grow tomatoes indoors in a pail.

The bottom line is to be creative in ways to not waste resources.

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