Saturday, April 9, 2011

Onward: Ways to Save Money Part III

It is April now and Gas prices are still on the rise even as we speak!  It is more then time for people to make changes in behavior to save money in other ways.  It appears to be the general consensus online and in magazines that small changes in spending behavior can add up to large savings.  Listed below are more ways to save money. Also see the two previous posts on this blog about other ways to save money.

1.  Save money on gas by not making as many trips out in the first place.  Stock up on items the family uses regularly by ordering online from drugstore chains that offer free shipping.

2.  Instead of fancy dinner parties give potluck dinners and picnics. Everyone who attends can contribute and the upshot is that everyone is more then likely to be able to find dishes they enjoy eating.

3.  Take tea, juice, or other beverages with you to work in plastic water bottles that have previously been used.  This saves the expense of buying yet another beverage in a bottle for the sake of convenience.

4.  Whiten and brighten your smile with the simple inexpensive use of peroxide.  Simply mix peroxide in a small cup with water and rinse your mouth out with it.
This not only brightens your smile but helps considerably with oral hygiene.

5.  Enjoy holiday candy the day after the holiday when it will be priced up to 50 percent less. Buy the biggest heart shaped box of candy you want or the cutest chocolate Easter bunny.

6.  Check the back of grocery store receipts and fast food receipts for free food offers and discounts.  For calling and completing a telephone survey you might be eligible for a free sandwich, etc.

7.  Do away with expensive hair products and use cheaper, more natural methods to make your hair look fantastic.  Shiny hair can be achieved by rinsing hair with cold water. Or try rinsing hair in vinegar for a clean, clarifying effect.

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