Monday, August 1, 2011

Onward: Seeking a Humble Future

Josh Broward has a blog entitled HUMBLE FUTURE.  He writes that he seeks to move onward by becoming more humble!  Broward currently serves in the KNU International English Church and presently resides in Cheonan, South Korea.  His blog includes bible lessons, sermons, church planning details, secular book and movie reviews, and           information on how to navigate through daily life in South Korea.

 Personally I find Broward's sermons to be well presented , insightful, and deeply effective in the art of exhortation.  There have been several sermons of Broward's that have encouraged me or that I was glad I had read for other reasons.  I also enjoy the posts that detail tips of how to navigate life in the foreign land of South Korea.  The posts about South Korea help me to remember that there is more going on in the world then  just the small town happenings in Kentucky!

The book and movie reviews Broward posts on his blog are about books and movies most Americans have heard of, read, or viewed at some point in life.  The reviews are also very general in nature and there is no one niche being covered exclusively which means that people of all types or ages can find reviews on the blog that they can relate to.

You can find Broward's blog here at or you can search for it through Google.  I hope you enjoy exploring HUMBLE FUTURE as much as I have. 

(warning! Christian Content!)

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