Thursday, September 29, 2011

ONWARD: The Future is Now with Artifical Intelligence

Some scientists claim that robots, or Artificial Intelligences will someday do away with the human race.  However for now you can talk to Artificial Intelligence Robots, called A.I., online.  How is that for moving onward into the future?!

Joan is an Artificially Intelligent speaking, video centric Avatar that you can have contact with at  You can click on the link in this post or go to Google search engine and type in the name Joan to find it.

At or you can speak with Evie. 
Evie is an Electronic Virtual Interactive Enity.  AI learns from interactions with people so don't be surprised at the topics it brings up or the answers it gives you to your questions.  If you talk with Evie be careful because she might wink at you!

Also see the previous post from You Tube where two chatbots are hooked up and talk to each other. You Tube has  several videos about AI so feel free to explore them if you are interested in the subject of Artifical Intelligence. 

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