Saturday, July 14, 2012

Practical Acts of Encouragement and Kindness

In the current economy Random Acts of Encouragement and Kindness need to also be practical and also utilize the resources we have at hand.
1.  Save empty boxes at home to give to a person who is moving.

2.  Gather old magazines from work and home to take to an elderly person or shut in.

3.  Gather all the Christmas gifts you have never used and drop them off with a large, young family in need.

4.  Go to to send an email to help a political prisoner be released.

5.  Take supplies to work that will benefit others as well as yourself.  Plastic forks, spoons, snacks, hand sanitizers, etc.  It's little bitty things that can help the day go better and so will improve the morale of the entire workplace.

6.  Sell clothing or other items that are not being used through a consignment shop.  Donate all proceeds to a charity or youth organization.

Make a list of your own ideas, or leave a comment!

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