Friday, March 15, 2013

ONWARD: Simple Woman's Daybook Entry 3

For Today March 15, 2013   ...Outside my window it is dark.  I usually write late at night, although ideas run through my mind all times of day.
I am thinking...of twenty years ago today when my nephew Chris was born. I had checked into the hospital myself having an extreme case of bronchitis as well as being almost 8 months pregnant and when I got there Chris had already been born.  The nurses told me how well my sister had done in delivery and told me my sister wanted me to see her baby.  So I walked a few doors down and peeked in their hospital room to see him, as I was sick and not sure if I should get very close to them. Now twenty years later my nephew just graduated from basic training for the Army Reserves this week.  He is also a college student and writes all kinds of prose and poetry as well as aspiring to be a "preacher".
I am thankful...for the opportunities our youth of today have to pursue their educations.  As I have been told, education is something a person can have that can never be taken away from them by anybody.
In the kitchen...I have an odd assortment of processed foods and canned goods as I have not been able to resist using some of the great coupons being put out there by companies.  However, I am learning that pop tarts coming in means pop tarts are going out just as quickly!
I am wearing...a new, blue, button up shirt made out of t-shirt material with a pair of black pants.
I am creating...birthday present plans for relatives that involve health and beauty aides as well as using up these awesome coupons I have been finding.
I am going work tomorrow for a little while.
I am wondering...what is coming up soon in the field of technology.  Technology is changing so fast.  I am still amazed at the GPS Systems. How in the world can a little box know exactly what spot we are on in this whole big earth?
I am reading...very little here lately.  I have developed a bad case of Netflix jones. Netflix is another technology form that is amazing to me. Indeed the Internet and all it's many activities available to participate in means THE POWER TO NEVER BE BORED.
I am hoping...the youth of today can overcome missing out on never having to be bored.  No time spent just sitting and staring out at the clouds for them! At least they hope not...
I am looking forward to ...a time when I know more about my digital camera and when I will know more about downloading pictures for blogging purposes.
I am learning...more about being humble and the "human condition" every day. I have a lot of quotes and bible verses on this blog but it is not because I am trying to be better then everyone else. The quotes are simply to encourage myself as well as others.
Around the house...I have Glade scented candles burning. The relatives don't deserve to have all of the treats I've been buying with my coupons do they?
I am pondering...the new chapters in my life that appear to be starting in my life this year. It could be the new chapters started awhile back and I have just been putting off realizing the actuality of it.
A favorite quote for today comes from a motto of a high school in Clarksville, Tennessee:
One of my favorite things...are people like Kentucky author, Vanessa Harris.  In spite of living in a small town and having another job she has pressed on with her goals and has had her third book published.  I am glad to see someone following their dreams!  Her books are available at
A few plans for the rest of the week...include visiting my grandmother and parents.
A peek into my this book cover from Vanessa Harris's book "PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH". 
Warning: Sexual Content, Sin and Redemption Christian content also.
book jacket photo:
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  1. I believe in being a life long learner, as well.

    I love Glade candles. Unfortunately, I'm out of them right now. Perhaps I should be looking online for coupons. I like to use coupons, but I admit I print them out and then time passes and they are expired before I cut them out!

    It sounds like your nephew has turned out well. I'm all for aspiring preachers - the world needs more of them!

    I see we have a lot in common: I want to learn more about my digital camera, too. I would love to take a photography class but it would be hard to squeeze it onto my calendar.

    God bless and have a great week!

  2. Happy Sunday and Happy Blogging Ms. Jerralea!

  3. My step-son loves pop-tarts. They are not my favorite but I am thinking I may need to start looking for some coupons.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Technology is amazing isn't it! 17 years ago my husband and I didn't even own computers! Now we have so much information at our fingertips, it is incredible.

    I've never really learned to coupon shop, but I know people who do it well.


  5. Yes, quiet time or "being bored" when one just sits quietly is a lost art. I love it. If my children complain about being bored I give them work to do and there are times when we set the timer and just sit or lie quietly, without a book even. The Bible says "Be still and know that I am God."

    Thank you for your kind visit to The Santos Times the other day. I tried to comment earlier, but my computer wouldn't publish. I have lots to learn to about all this technology at our fingertips. I hope you have a wonderful day and perhaps we will visit each other again soon.

  6. Jennifer- I enjoyed getting a glimpse into your world via the swd prompts...I love the thread of coupons, hopes for the next generation and it sounds like you do not suffer from BOREDOM! Yay! Carry on!

    1. well sometimes we used to say, only boring people get bored. happy blogging and happy Spring Kel.

  7. There is something theraputic about sitting and watching the clouds go by. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Hello Jennifer! Thought I'd repay your visit to me... Thank you for the glimpse into your day. I share your wonder - and bewilderment! - at technology. Love the quote about being a life-long learner: that's something I hope and pray for myself. And I don't believe you can be a life-long learner without gazing at clouds - often!

  9. Oh, new chapters . . . yup, started one of those myself. Praying yours brings some blessings with it!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my Simple Blog.
    Yes, Sunday was a good always, the best day of the week; great to be among my sisters and brothers in Christ, singing, learning, fellowshipping.
    And now I'm preparing for next week, trying to settle on a Prelude; the one to choose hasn't been made plain to me yet.

  11. Netflix is visual reading. :D
    I love being bored! So much to think about.
    Have a great week.

    1. Well I do watch a lot of movies based on books...
      but I would guess that technically you as a writer,the imagination that you have been blessed with, does not allow you to be bored very often!