Sunday, April 28, 2013

ONWARD: Simple Woman's Daybook, Entry IV

For Today 4/28/2013
Outside my window it is a quiet Sunday morning that for now appears gray and wet.
I am thinking...about the week and what I need to get done.
I am thankful ...for days off to do what I want with.
In the Kitchen there are things like Seapak shrimp and Stouffer's casseroles. To me those two brands are restaurant quality foods. I bought them on sale, of course, as well as using coupons.
I am wearing a blue flowered shirt with a mandarin collar with a black tank top underneath, and jeans.
I am creating to-do lists. But then that is not anything new!
I am going to try and get some errands done today and tomorrow that will help me free up the rest of the week. That includes getting house work done.  There are mother's day gifts to buy, birthday gifts to buy, and coupons to help buy them with.
I am wondering...about the atheist mindset that is saying most bad things happening currently in America are due to religion.  I am not an atheist so the gist of the argument to me is that without God or religion there would be no good or evil, no wrong or right. Without God and religion crimes such as murder, rape, stealing, etc. would not be wrong. So if a crime happened and there was no good or evil to put it into context with, then it would no longer be a crime, but merely just an occurrence that happened.
I am hoping...that I will be able to utilize the message that my Uncle Frank arranged to have spoken at his funeral a few years ago. He was a school principal and author, and he wanted to tell people how important it is to not be afraid to use their talents.
I am looking forward to...simple things like reading the Sunday paper and baking brownies,  Maybe I should say eating brownies!
I am learning...a lot about myself.
Around the house...I have been cleaning out the big child's room.  I have given away lots of clothes that were not being used to friends and relatives. I have been trying to not waste things and get the full value from all of our resources.
I am pondering...seeing so many abandoned blogs!  I think one reason so many people stop blogging is because so often only negativity or drama gets comments or attention.
I am reading...ROSES, a novel by Leila Meacham who is an author from Texas.  I am just starting it today. It is supposed to be a story comparable to GONE WITH THE WIND. 
I also just watched a movie on Netflix based on a book by Henry James entitled The Golden Bowl.  The movie has lots of stars in it like Uma Thurman and Nick Nolte. 
One of my favorite seeing so many family centered blogs as well as child oriented families. 
A favorite quote for today is a motto for the children at a church we used to attend:
Make the Wise Choice
A few plans for the rest of the week include writing, going to work, and lots of day dreaming.
A picture thought for this week:
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  1. ah yes i love stouffers. i am reheating a stouffers mac and cheese in the oven as i type! yes, and i am guilty of abandoning blogs too. i have had several trying to find my groove. sometimes blogging does get overwhelming also and becomes too much of a job. trying to give it a go again :) - nice to visit you!

    1. fishwife,

      keep up the good eating and blog on!

  2. A very thought-provoking post, particularly involving abandoned blogs. Makes one think about the reasons to have a blog.

    1. karen, actually I was also thinking journalists might hace it easy these days because they don't have to look farher then a few blogs for ideas...or opinions.

  3. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Nice to meet you...

  4. Hmmm never heard of Leila Meacham, I guess I will check her out.
    LOL I am in Texas/A Texan :D

    1. yes, she made the new york times best seller list. Texas is probably too big to keep up with everybody! lol

  5. I hear you about the good and evil thing. I ponder it too. Often. In Buddhism, we place the responsibility on the doorstep of the perpetrator. I know a good few atheists who are good people and several religious people who are not so much. Not an easy question to contemplate and find solid answers for. Now you've got me thinking about it.

    I also get the blog thing. Sad that the negativity gets the attention and I think you are absolutely right about that.

    Much joy for your day.

  6. I enjoyed coming here today and wanted to let you know that I especially enjoy the way you've written your daybook entry. You've given me an idea about being more original in the way I present my entries.