Sunday, September 29, 2013

ONWARD: Sunday Stealing at Random


Sunday Stealing is a blog that provides a service to bloggers by hosting a weekly meme bloggers can participate in for fun and to find great blogs.  The meme is stolen and adapted from other blogs but the original blog the meme was taken from is always credited.  This weeks meme is from the blog MY RANDOM RANDOMNESS.  To participate in Sunday Stealing go to

How did you choose your baby's or pet's names?  I chose the 1st one because it reminded me of something when I heard that name.

Have you ever been fishing?  One of my grandfather's was a commercial fisherman. Can you say catfish y'all?

Have you ever had your national flag painted on your face? No, I will just stick with flag shirts.

What was the last social faux pas you made?  Probably interrupting someone.

What makes you nostalgic?  The music from the 70's and 80's they play in the grocery stores here.  We always moved a lot so I always know exactly how old I was and where we lived and what year the song was a hit.

What's the scariest thing you have ever done?  I picked up a hitch hiker one time and it turned out he had escaped from the small town policeman.  I only had stopped because at first I thought it was someone walking I knew.  Fortunately, they just wanted a ride home.  I went back to my little town and the whole town was turned upside down looking for them.  I told the policeman I gave them a ride home. It was either drive them home or be abandoned on a dark country road without my car....

What fairy tale character would you most associate with?  Rapunzel

How much do you tend to swear in public?  I try not to swear in public as I feel swearing shows a lack of imagination in vocabulary.

If you ruled your own country, who would you get to write your national anthem.  I could write the words myself.

Who is the most intelligent person you know?  The older you get, the less intelligent everyone seems.

What is the worst piece of advice anyone has ever given you?  Dr. Phil says people only treat you how you LET them treat you.  Well Dr. Phil, you have to choose your battles.

If you had to describe yourself as a flavor, what would it be?  I couldn't be described as one flavor.

If you had to describe yourself as a car and/or an animal what would it be?  Fortunately i don't have to describe my self as a car or an animal.

Do you think laughing at some one's misfortune is wrong?  I think there is a little of Schadenfreude in everybody.

If a loved one was to serenade you what song would you most like them to sing?  I used to be frequently serenaded by the song Mama from the movie Soul Food.

Would you ever let your parents pick a partner for you?  ha ha

Have you ever tried spam? (the meat/food kind)  Fried spam usually eaten with eggs.  Great for keeping around "just in case", as in just in case there's a tornado, ice storm, snow, national disaster, or a hungry man in the house.

the end.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD: The Heights by Peter Hedges

I almost dismissed this book because of the book jacket.  At first glance it appeared to be a vague impression of green trees with the book title in huge, unappealing white letters on top. But then I saw the words Author of What's Eating Gilbert Grape above the title and I had heard of that and so I thought this story would also be of some quality.   

The Plot:  Tim Welch is the nerd school teacher who scored a hottie wife named Kate.  The hottie wife can actually make more money then her husband but she is doing the mom thing at home with the two kids instead.  Things start to get predictable and blah for this big city couple until the ultra rich Anna Brody starts to take an interest in them.  All of a sudden this makes the couple pseudo popular in their neighborhood.  The seeds of temptation are planted for them to stray as the couple starts to feel flattered that people with worldly success desire them. 

What I Feel The Author Is Saying:  So much of life is a game that it can often be hard to tell what is real.  People feel somewhat more validated as a person  if a wealthy or famous individual desires them.  Things are not always what they seem.  Is someone really a fantastic person or is it just hype?

Practical Life Applications:  

1.  It is not a good idea for a husband to spend time alone with his wife's friend.
2.  Just because someone is famous it doesn't make them a better person.
3.  Don't be jealous of people with fantastic public persona's because they might be a jerk at home.
4.  Sometimes a speech is just a speech.  A staged planned out event to get desired results.
5.  Family bonding doesn't always require huge staged events.

Peter Hedges is also the author of What's Eating Gilbert Grape.  It's a movie y'all.  I haven't seen all of it but I remembered it kept the big child's attention.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

ONWARD: More! More! More! Sunday Stealing that is...

Sunday Stealing is a blog that purloins memes from other blogs so the universe can prosper from the wisdom of these memes.  Link up with Sunday Stealing at

For myself I am participating in part two of the MORE meme without having participated in part one. Why? Because this is a blog and there really are no rules so that means I can do whatever I want.

what would you choose to be famous for?  Journalism

if you have a web cam are you ever paranoid people are watching you?  actually yes!  my computer was hijacked and held hostage by some kind of scam and it took a picture of me! so now my web cam remains covered!

do you find it difficult to sleep at night? Any reasons why?  i have so much more energy at night.

if you had to go on a game show which one would you choose?  i have always thought that FAMILY FEUD might be a fun show to be on.

what about if you had to go on a reality show?  which would you choose?  mine

tell me about your favorite TV show.  how can one have a favorite TV show? there are so many!

why were you last irritated?  no one can knows what the exact right time at work is as all the clocks on the computers say different times and this can lead to confusion.

what time did you get up this morning?  i had a nap for about 3 hours while sitting with my grandmother and then i came home about 2:30 a.m.

do you like the countryside?  i like the countryside if that means farms with mowed down or planted fields.  However, if the countryside means truly middle of nowhere places with snakes, raccoons, weeds, mud, then i don't like it.

if you see someone yawn, do you often yawn as well?  of course i do!

Recommend me a good movie.  FAME, the original one from the 80's.

how often do you change you hairstyle?  once a year

do you have a favorite day of the week? what is it?  nope

are you alone?  what kind of fool question is that?

when is the last time you were on the phone at 2 am? if that includes texting then that is today.

we're thru. yay!

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