Sunday, September 22, 2013

OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD: The Heights by Peter Hedges

I almost dismissed this book because of the book jacket.  At first glance it appeared to be a vague impression of green trees with the book title in huge, unappealing white letters on top. But then I saw the words Author of What's Eating Gilbert Grape above the title and I had heard of that and so I thought this story would also be of some quality.   

The Plot:  Tim Welch is the nerd school teacher who scored a hottie wife named Kate.  The hottie wife can actually make more money then her husband but she is doing the mom thing at home with the two kids instead.  Things start to get predictable and blah for this big city couple until the ultra rich Anna Brody starts to take an interest in them.  All of a sudden this makes the couple pseudo popular in their neighborhood.  The seeds of temptation are planted for them to stray as the couple starts to feel flattered that people with worldly success desire them. 

What I Feel The Author Is Saying:  So much of life is a game that it can often be hard to tell what is real.  People feel somewhat more validated as a person  if a wealthy or famous individual desires them.  Things are not always what they seem.  Is someone really a fantastic person or is it just hype?

Practical Life Applications:  

1.  It is not a good idea for a husband to spend time alone with his wife's friend.
2.  Just because someone is famous it doesn't make them a better person.
3.  Don't be jealous of people with fantastic public persona's because they might be a jerk at home.
4.  Sometimes a speech is just a speech.  A staged planned out event to get desired results.
5.  Family bonding doesn't always require huge staged events.

Peter Hedges is also the author of What's Eating Gilbert Grape.  It's a movie y'all.  I haven't seen all of it but I remembered it kept the big child's attention.

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