Thursday, January 9, 2014

Onward: Thirteen Thoughts I Have Had at One Time Or The Other

1.  I think everyone should tell the they do to their food stamp workers and on their taxes!

2.  I try not to be prone to profanity but sometimes you just want to say wtf?!!!

3.  What amazing things might happen if for one month we did things differently from the way we usually like to do them.  Like, for example, what if we went out when we really felt like staying in, or vice versa.

4.  Or what amazing thing might happen if we did all the things for one month that we should be doing.  Things like going to bed on time, eating what we should, etc.

5.  It doesn't matter how many possessions or wealth one has, because at the end it will probably come down to one box or suitcase.
6. And possessions are things you just have to move all the time.
7.  The other day I saw a tractor pulling a trailer made out of a truck bed on the bottom with  walls built out of wood pull up at the grocery carrying Mennonite people.  Come on Mennonites! You might as well be driving a car or a van! It would be the same difference, only safer!  
8.  How rude it is to talk about someone where that person can hear. And yet it is so common place for that to happen.
9.  It's sort of lazy to use nicknames when often some one's proper name only consists of one more syllable then the nickname. 
10.  Cleopatra never got to drive a pick up truck.

11.  I wonder if redheaded people were ever at one time in history a separate ethnicity or race. Since I am one, I wonder and have thought about that.
12.  Why did Sampson trust Delilah with the real secret of his strength when the heifer had already tried to do him in twice before that?

13. All heck is going to break loose as marijuana becomes legal in all the states. They just don't know!  But I don't see why anyone would have to pay for marijuana if it is legal. Because you know if it's legal then grandma can just grow it in the garden next to the corn or black eyed peas or something. (Hush little Baby...don't say a word...)!

So, as you can see I have a very complicated inner life.

P.S.  It's okay for me to talk about the Mennonites because they are not supposed to be on the Internet in the first place, so I won't be hurting their feelings or anything.

Happy Winter and let me know what thoughts you are thinking about.

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picture credit LMA