Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ONWARD: Thirteen Things About Me

1.  I was raised in the Southern Baptist denomination.

2.  In the Southern Baptist Church one of the main songs the children were taught was:

Jesus loves the little children,
All the Children of the World.
Red and Yellow, Black and White.
They are precious in his sight.
Jesus loves the little Children of the world.

3.  My dad used to insist that I not be stuck up.
4.  That one may have back fired on him a little bit as at one time I was probably too friendly with people..

5.  I believe in Science but I also believe in God. After all I have been talking to him since I was six years old. 
6.  I feel however the world and humans got here, it was however God intended it to be created.

7.  Good vibes are nice but I would rather have prayer.
8.  I am a sinner. I don't think I was ever exactly a goody two shoes.(some of you are smiling.)

9.  I would rather have a brand new notebook and pen then a new piece of jewelry.
10.I just bought a dust buster recently. The first one I have ever owned in my life. For real.

11. A personality test I took in college said that  I am very intuitive, and feeling. 
12.  I wrote poetry when I was younger but once I got my first day job my mind switched to different thought patterns and so I wasn't able to write poetry anymore. 

13. And the big, frequently asked question of "How do you know you are Saved". I hesitate to answer this but something is telling me it should be addressed.  I don't focus too much on heaven or what it will be like.  I have no way of knowing exactly what it will be like. But the thought of not being able to communicate with my God, being cut off from access to God like the people in hell will be is very painful to me. Just the thought of being separated from God is painful. I don't have to have the oft mentioned streets of gold. I just want Him. That would not be manifested in me if I did not accept Jesus as my personal Savior. 

This is my participation in thursday-13.com
It's not Thursday just yet...I'm early. Bloggers got it that way :)
The words to the song JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN  are credited to C. Herbert Woolston.