Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sunday Stealing: Are You?

The "Are You" Meme
and the blog My Random Randomness

In my case this meme is more about what I am not:)

1,  Are you a psychic in any way?  I am very empathetic with people.  I can look at people and know exactly how they feel that day.  It can make me feel exhausted if I am in a large group of people because it feels as if I am sort of bouncing off of the emotions of others.
     People at Church often think I am prophesying about them because I can "hit the nail on the head" about their life or emotional situation.  However a preacher told everyone no one was prophesying over them, that some people could tell them things simply by the fact that the person "had been around."

2.  Are you a good dancer, good singer, good artist, and/or a good cook?  Nope

3.  Are you a good listener?  I rate excellent in that department.  All kinds of people tell me their problems.

4.  Are you a good public speaker?  I am not a public speaker at all. I have done minor things like one hour orientations for clients through work.

5. Are you a good babysitter?  I am a very good, experienced babysitter. I was the oldest of four kids and my mother had me watch the other kids while she cooked, cleaned, shopped, did laundry, and worked outside the home. My first jobs were babysitting.

6.  Are you a good mechanic?  No,  
7.  Are you a good diplomat?  My sister doesn't think so.
8.  Are you a good swimmer or skier? In Kentucky there is not adequate snow to learn to snow ski.  Water skiing is a thing but I was never able to do it the few times I tried.  I do know the basics of swimming.
9.  Are you a good dresser?  I live in Kentucky.  People in the fashion industry would not think I am a good dresser.
10.  Are you a good gift giver?  My sister doesn't think so.
11.  Are you a good comedian?  I joke a lot.
12.  Are you a good cleaner?  I may as well say no, although I can clean well when I want to.  
13.  Are you a good actor?  I recently had someone tell me that they "couldn't read me." I was delighted to hear that because my knees were bothering me, I had been feeling like crap for several weeks, but they couldn't tell!
14.  Are you a good writer?  My sister doesn't think so.

Tell me about you!





  1. I think with #1 people can be tuned in to what's going on around them by simply listening and paying attention to things. I can't tell someone what's going on in their life, but I'm very good at what I call intuition...putting 2 and 2 together. I boggle my husband's mind regularly with that skill. lol I know prophecy is a gift, but I'd be kind of scared of being labeled a prophet. I'd probably take your pastor's explanation and run...even though I think there's more to it than that.

    1. I grew u[ in church and my Dad took me with him even when I was a toddler to visit people and to out of town meetings and revivals. My former pastor said our spiritual gifts were what we learned how to do as a child, which is why I am not a good dancer as well.. We did not grow up doing that,

  2. I don't care what your sister thinks - I want to know what YOU think!

    1. I am a good writer but I have not found my personal style of public voice. My family is very interesting but they all have their own social media and do not wish to be on my blog. This makes me feel very limited in what I can or can't write about publically. I am working on that though.

  3. I had to chuckle at all your sister answers. She sounds super critical!

    1. She's a teacher and Librarian. I taught her how to read when she was four years old so she wouldn't have to stat 1st grade confused like I had done.

  4. I live in one of those fashion-less areas of the country too.

  5. How old is your sister? : ) She sounds mean to to you LOL and I agree with what CountryDew said hahaha

    1. Actually i think the same things about her that she thinks about me :)