Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Stealing: THE NOSY MEME

Chilling with Sunday Stealing
This weeks subject is:

So if you asked me, which you didn't, all these memes are nosy! Edgar Allen Poe just never had to deal with this.  The first questions are: average hours or sleep, last thing I googled, one place that makes me happy, how many blankets I sleep under, what are you wearing right now?

My answer is: REALLY?
The next questions are:  favorite fictional character, last book I read, last movie watched in the cinema, dream vacation, dream wedding, dream pet, dream job, how old would you be if you didn't know how old you were. 
So, my answers are: Amber, in the book FOREVER AMBER; recently I read the book THE WITNESS, last cinema movie BLADES OF GLORY, the dream vacation is Ireland, no dream wedding, no dream pet, 36.

 Final Questions:  which is worse, failing or never trying; if life is short why do we do so many things we don't like and like so many things we don't do.

Well...never trying would be worse then failing because even failing can lead to good things that you might not have had if you never tried. 
And...the reason we do so many things we don't like is because of necessity, peer pressure, and boredom.
The reason we may like so many things we don't do is because imagination is often more enjoyable then reality and work at something.

A random thought:  This candy bouquet that is nothing more then a cheap vase, some ribbon, and a few candy bars, is sold for twenty-five dollars.  A good example of a upgrade per the way it is presented.

 So, "How was your weekend?"

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  1. At least there was no question about the Super Bowl.

    1. I just realized my blogging today reflects how my brain has been working the last few months at work., notes as quick as you can.

  2. I agree with Banker Chick! I had really expected a meme all about the Super Bowl today. The candy bouquet is cute.

    1. yeah, even churches have super bowl parties

  3. I just realized also I left out the answer to dream job. That would be reading books and getting paid for it. Like Jackie O did.

  4. I see those vases but had never priced one. Wow.