Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Stealing (The I meme)

The I Meme was stolen from
the blog THE ARCHIVES, The
I Meme is all about me, me, me,
me. Which these memes do help
you learn about yourself so think
of it as self therapy.

I sometimes like a small child fighting sleep.  I am not ready for the day to be over. 
I want to focus, focus, focus to be more efficient.
I have...a very active imagination that the good Lord gave me, yet I have been around enough that I have too much clarity about what is really going on.
I wish that my family mostly lived in one town, instead of being scattered over many little towns and a couple of states.  I sometimes would cry when I watched the Braverman family on Parenthood because our family is no longer like that.   Blame it on the economy, the rain, whatever...

I hate it ....when I spend my little money on fast food or a meal  out and then the meal is not  up to par or the employees throw it out there like they really don't care what happens to it.. Maybe there is an undue amount of grease dripping off the burger, or the bun is hard (literally), or the onion rings are hard and crunchy stale (literally), the fries have too much salt or pepper on them for anyone to be able to enjoy it etc. These are all things that have happened to me this year in the town I stay in.  Other towns close by seem to take more pride and do a better job in their fast food work.
So that's my rant ;).
 I feel...that truly in the town I stay in that people do not often take pride in their work or are apathetic about it.

I fear..the world is so much more impersonal now with everybody taking care of their own things with their own technology. People walk looking down at their phones or talking on their phones while wearing headphones. People are at the store on their phones.  Social media accounts take a lot of personal interaction out of the day, and people are sort of like this meme....everything is all I,I,I, I. and me, me, me , me. ( Do I sound like Destiny's Child, repeating everything?)

I wonder...If Barrack Obama is looking forward to the time he won't have to be president anymore.  If maybe he is thinking..."Yes! Just a little while longer till all this pressure is gone and I can have an enjoyable day again."  I am not a particular fan of him but I feel the American public has bucked him every chance they have and have not let him make one move without waves of opposition. (So okay I had another rant.)

I regret...a few things...but mostly whatever I  did was what I wanted to do at that time.
I love people again after having made a conscious choice again to love them.  They may not like or love me but I have decided to love them, even as Our Lord loves us anyway while we are far from perfect also..

I never liked the social side of school....but I realize now I really like learning.
I ache....Yes I do ache being of a certain age, (lol)
I always...pray everyday but rarely before a meal  as I pray enough all day that I don't need a meal to remind me to pray.
I usually several hours a day in one form or another, books, magazines, online.
I am not...good at math and I feel that has limited my education.
I sometimes...lose track of time when I am thinking about things.
I times to relieve stress.
I am not always..I am hardly ever a follow the crowd type person.
I dance...only in play.  No one danced in the culture I grew up in so we just didn't learn how.
I am times because my mind wanders and I might not be paying attention to what is going on.
I need...(and we are back to this) to focus more.
I should...try and get more with the program. Whatever it is for that day.

And there I have it...a couple years worth of therapy consolidated in one Sunday Stealing meme.
And you thought I was dumb.

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  1. Very good therapy, and some nice little rants.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bev , I really do wonder about that.

  3. There's nothing wrong with a good rant - I probably need to be more open with mine! I'm also not one to follow the crowd - it's usually not worth it in the long run.