Thursday, January 28, 2016


My sister got me this
book for Christmas and
I had to smile.  I had
almost gotten her one!

At Onward, as you may can tell, we love bright colors.  When I was growing up during the pre Internet era I used to take magic markers and draw different shapes and just liked to see how different colors looked up against each other.

I posted a few pictures I colored on Facebook and two of my friends said they found it relaxing. I find it relaxing as well.  It gives me something to do while I think about things.  Often I have fallen asleep while coloring which is a great thing for a nocturnal person who needs to go to sleep earlier!  Other times while I have been coloring I have thought of solutions to daily problems. 

I don't prefer coloring waves though as it feels too chaotic.  I prefer to color landscapes or floral and  fauna.  But coloring  reminds me of doing ceramics; picking the colors and painting them on the green ware and waiting to see how it comes out.  It also reminds me of doing arts and crafts like cross stitching, or making hook rugs, except that coloring is easier.  Everyone can color!
The big child tells me that Books A Million has an extensive section at their stores just for adult coloring books. Of course you may also find them at stores such as Walgreens and Walmart.  Right now the prices for adult coloring books runs from ten to fourteen dollars.  However, a co-worker advised me she had found adult coloring books priced as low as four dollars at certain types of dollar discount stores.
The other night I was feeling a little down, but then I realized I had colored myself a bouquet! Which a certain little RN I know showed me the coloring book she had bought for herself.  She didn't have time to finish anything much but she did say it was being used in hospitals as an activity.  One of my co-workers who is an author had been coloring in down time at work and she said she liked coloring so much she had made trips around town buying up coloring books.  So it is official that the adult coloring craze has caught on... but then who wouldn't like to color instead of doing  more adult things like work, eh?!

How is the adult coloring craze going for you and yours?


  1. I've tried but don't seem to have the patience or maybe I haven't found the right pencils. Yours look great.

    1. sometimes its just not the right time yet for that particular book, project, or hobby , I have often found.

  2. I am coloring as well. I found some books with fantasy scenes in them - wizards and mythical creatures and such - and am really enjoying them. I made a place where I have to stand up to color (I sit too much) and that has been helpful physically and emotionally.

  3. I got a book but I found I didn't have the patience for it. I think I already lived out this part of my life, and I don't mean as a child. I love to see the ones others have finished.

  4. yeah, there is a time for everything I guess :) But you do have a book so that means the trend almost got you lol