Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ONWARD: Dodie Osteens's CHOOSING LIFE; One Day at a Time

A few years ago I received a daily devotional book as a gift from my brother and his wife for Christmas that was entitled CHOOSING LIFE; One Day at a Time, that was written by Dodie Osteen.  It is a daily devotional book for men as well as for women.  This book means a lot to me and helped me through a difficult time.  It is one of the books I plan to keep with me the rest of my life.

Topics from CHOOSING LIFE include Salvation, Miracles, Fellowship with God, and Keys to Living in Victory. The author, Dodie Osteen , co founded Lakewood Church with her late husband Pastor John Osteen in 1959.  She is also the mother of the present pastor of Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen.

Mrs. Osteen states she has been privy to God's miracles in her own life as well as miracles church members of Lakewood have received through the years.  Mrs. Osteen says she was healed of metastatic cancer in 1981. She is a Registered Nurse and also the author of a book entitled HEALED OF CANCER.

There is one quote from Dodie Osteen that to me is pretty much the thing to remember and that is, " I hold fast to God's Word daily.  My life depends on it, and yours does too."

Sources: CHOOSING LIFE, Dodie Osteen, Free Press, 2006, a Division of Simon &Schuster, Inc.
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